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Silver Dollar City 

No Traffic from Marina Inn to Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City, a Midwest theme park set in the 1880s, welcomes millions of visitors each year. Families from across the United States flock here for thrilling rides, entertaining shows, delicious food and so much more! They may know they can’t wait to ride Outlaw Run, but they only graze the surface of what there really is to know about this Branson theme park. Discover this attraction’s history, legend and claims to fame with our rundown of intriguing Silver Dollar City facts.

When the park first opened in 1960, it gave out silver dollars for change. As a result, word-of-mouth exposure was rampant. Visitors who returned home would remark on their visit to “Silver Dollar City” and the name stuck.

The park was initially modeled after an 1880s Ozark Village. Accordingly, the town had a blacksmith shop, general store, ice cream parlor, doll shop, two authentic log structures and the Wilderness Church. The attraction did have strolling entertainers, as well as a show, themed after the Hatfield and McCoy Feud. However, no rides were available at that time.

The very first ride at Silver Dollar City was the Frisco Silver Dollar Line. This steam train ride, which opened in 1962, remains largely the same today as it did then. Riders are treated to a leisurely, scenic 20-minute ride through the Ozarks. Of course, some pesky, no-good robbers always seem to lurk in those woods. The faithful conductor, though, continues to save passengers 50 years and counting.

When one thinks of massive holiday light displays, Silver Dollar City may not be the first attraction to cross your mind. I’ve got news for you: that needs to change! This premier Midwest theme park loves Christmas and celebrates it with an all-out, one-of-a-kind spectacle that truly dazzles. First of all, there’s the glow of over five million lights. Secondly, there’s over 1,000 decorated Christmas trees. Thirdly, there are two Broadway-style shows included free with park admission. As if that’s not enough, there’s also 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree, Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade featuring Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Friends, and dozens of stores ideal for holiday shopping.

Demonstrating craftsmen have long been an integral part of Silver Dollar City. The park held its first craft festival in 1963. During which, 19 craftsmen showcased woodworking, weaving, blacksmithing, glass blowing and other unique trades. The demonstrating craftsmen were such a hit, the owners decided to make them residents of the park year-round. Today, there are over 100 demonstrating craftsmen on the park at any given time.

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