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2021 is upon us and The Marina Inn has new owners and management.

Hi, My name is Martin and my wife is Shelley. We purchased the Marina Inn and Event Center in early January and plan to have everything here up and running again by February 26th. It's all ready to go from last year, it's just that most of the property was winterized and is closed for use at the moment. We are, however, on site as of now and are preparing things for the re-opening.

It was 10 years ago this month that Shelley and I entered the resort business with four small cabins. The project was meant to be a private family retreat. Instead, it grew into a collection of four resort properties and a full time business for us, but that's another story. The Marina Inn is giving us an opportunity to have a location close to Table Rock Lake which we have wanted to do for some time. We look forward to the journey here and meeting new guests.

Our very first guests arrived over the weekend and have been staying in the one single guest room that we have that's heated and working. They are fishermen and have been doing well even though the temps are hovering near freezing. To me, resorts are a bit of a passion. As a kid, my family vacationed at various lake resorts in Minnesota and Missouri and I never forgot those experiences. As an adult, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to create that kind of environment for others to enjoy.

SO........ Here's to having an excellent adventure, and may the stopping never start!

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